Total PA System With Installation Facility….


Product Description

Conference System is a unique system for conferences and meetings in government,  corporate, educational and hotel applications. The system provides communications for conferences and boardrooms. The system can be incorporated with PA System also. We can supply a mini conference system to a large congress system including interpretation system, recording facility and also the wireless conference system. The PA system designed for the social function like entertainment, seminar, presentation, cultural programs etc. Now a days PA System is essential for the Masjid, Important public places, residential and commercial buildings, parking places, universities & schools, hospitals, shopping complexes etc. Trimatrik Multimedia can supply you the following PA & Conference items:

  1. Chairman Unit for Conference system
  2. Delegate Unit for Conference system
  3. Secretary Unit for conference system
  4. Control Unit for Conference System
  5. Interpreter Unit for Conference system
  6. Voting Unit for Conference System
  7. Video Conference Unit
  8. Loud Speaker
  9. Woofer/Sub-woofer
  10. Column type/Ceiling type/Box type speakers for PA System
  11. Microphone for PA system
  12. Podium for PA System
  13. Amplifier Unit for PA system
  14. Sound box for PA System
  15. Wireless PA system
  16. PA Recording system


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