Hand-held metal detector MD200


Technical specifications
Operating frequency: 20 KHz
Unit Weight: 272g (including the battery)
Handle Dimension: 30 X30mm
Unit Dimension: 440(L) X 55(W) X 145(H) mm
Carton Dimension: 460(L) X 305(W) X 582(H) mm
Sensitivity Adjustable: manual
Indicator: BZ, vibration motor
Battery: a 9v battery
Operating Temperature: -5℃to +55℃
Control: Circulation switch (ON, OFF, sound & light alarm or vibration)
 It features simple operation, exquisite design, and convenient conservation
 Low failure rate, can detect ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal
 High sensitivity, can easily detect pin-sized metal articles
 Indication of low battery voltage: gives continual sound alarm or vibration
 Alarm: sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm
 Adopt cycle-switch to switch sound alarm to hidden vibration alarm respectively
Detecting distance:
DIP14 IC (integrate circuit) 5mm ;
64 pistol 150mm
Use domain
For security use: detecting weapons, such as: knife, gun and so on.


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